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What is a Badge?

Here is another succinct explanation of badge-empowered learning:

from the folks at Mozilla (3:37)

Open Badges – Explained!

This short video will help you wrap your head around the concept of open badges and badge-empowered learning. Imagine the possibilities for your own students and for demonstrating what learners know and can do!

“A Short Story About Open Badges” from the folks at Mozilla (3:39)

Global Initiative Supported by President Clinton

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, former President Bill Clinton announced a global initiative in support of digital badge learning. He says that in today’s world, we must provide modern approaches to learning and building our credentials. The global initiative will focus on digital credentials that employers and universities can use for admissions, promotions or awarding credit.

Learn more about this global digital badge learning initiative.

Mozilla’s Open Badges & Clinton Global Initiative Announces 2 Million Better Futures (4:28)