Open Badges for Excellence in Teacher Professional Development

HaYidion-Summer-2015-CoverTAMRITZ is proud to be featured in RAVSAK’s HaYidion, Summer 2015 edition on excellence.

“Badges of Excellence in Professional Development” by Sarah Blattner and Samuel Abramovich




Symbiosis- Jewish Education and the Learning Sciences

Dr. Samuel Abramovich, Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo, makes an inspiring case for the use of digital badge learning in Jewish education.  He hones in on some of the mutual benefits of Jewish education and the learning sciences. He highlights the hallmarks of high quality assessment, using the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience as an example:

  • Summative and formative feedback, guiding the learner
  • Ongoing feedback
  • Authentic to the student; authentic practice

Sam also features chevrutah, peer tutoring and feedback in Jewish text study, as a “go to” model for pedagogy and improving learning outcomes.

So what do digital badges and the gamification of learning have to do with the symbiotic relationship between the learning sciences and Jewish education?  In secular education?  Watch Sam’s Eli Talk to find out!

Note:  Dr. Abramovich evaluated TAMRITZ’s badge-based teacher professional development, Digital Age Teaching.  TAMRITZ’s badges are featured in this video.

SAMR – Design Learning for Engagement, Part 3 – Professional Development

Note:  This post is Part 3 in a 3-part series about the SAMR Model as it relates to digital badge learning design.  Explore Part 1 and Part 2 to follow more of this conversation.



Teacher professional development aims to transform teaching practices, which ultimately, improves student achievement.  At the onset, this sounds simple; however, developing effective teacher professional development experiences is more challenging than meets the eye.  Reflecting on your own experiences as an educator, I bet much of your critical feedback would highlight current research on effective (or ineffective) teacher professional development. Not only this, but I am guessing with certainty that you can recall only a few really meaningful and impactful professional development experiences.  What made them so impactful? Read more