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BadgeFest 2014

BadgeFest 2014 is the first annual sharing of digital badge learning journeys from within the TAMRITZ Badge Learning Network.  This version of the webinar is edited down from the original one hour session.  This post will be followed by a series of reflections from the “badge learning trenches.”  Stay tuned!

TAMRITZ BadgeFest 2014–Edited (24:41)

Do It Yourself Badges

Connected Learning TV is hosting a series of webinars on digital badge learning, and the latest from this series focuses on “Do It Yourself Badges.” Whether you are interested in exploring badge learning tools or just want to learn more about how badge learning works, approaches to design and lessons from the field, this webinar features multiple perspectives.

Here are some of the highlights from the webinar…

Lucas Blair, founder of Little Bird Games and educational game designer, explains how badges are not rewards. Badges are about learning — they signify learning achievements. Terrarium TV Badge learning has the potential to recognize learning habits, AND academic skills. Not only this, but badge learning provides a unique opportunity to recognize achievements both inside and outside of school. And, as Carla Casilli from Mozilla Foundation points out, badges are unique in that they can illuminate skills that may get lost in the larger scope of a learning canvas. Lucas also shared his six step approach to badge design, which draws upon principles of both game design and learning design.

Here is some fodder for building your own badge learning program and system: