EdJewcon 5773.1 – Badge-Empowered Learning Resources

Session:  Badge-Empowered Learning

Monday, New April 29, 2013



Backchannel (expires in 1 month): http://todaysmeet.com/badging

Transcript: Backchannel




Video Clip:  DigitalMe students from UK talk about open badges (3:39)


About Badge Learning

Resources and links curated by TAMRITZ


From the Session:

We took time 7-10/3/2017 to work in small groups to Wished create a badge with a student in mind.  Start with the students and the learning outcomes!  One group created a badge called the “RELEARN” badge for a student who is willing to relearn a concept and demonstrate mastery their website.  I especially love this idea–very modern learning.  Afterall, BOWL we are all evolving and relearning.  By Price, “failing forward” we reach higher levels www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com of achievement.  And this badge Our frames “relearning” as a reward and something to Badging covet and strive for as a learner.


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