How can my Jewish Day School get involved?

  • Determine if your school is ripe for a badge learning experience. Review the readiness indicators below.
  • Submit an application for the upcoming RFP (request for proposal) release. The RFP will be available the first week in March, 2013.

School Readiness Indicators:

Is my school ready to implement digital badge learning?  

Consider this checklist of questions to help you assess your school’s badge learning readiness:

  • Technology infrastructure is reliable and digital learning equipment is readily available?
  • A “go to” person on staff is available to assist with technical challenges?
  • Academic team (faculty) collaboration time is built into the school schedule on a regular basis?
  • A staff member can serve as badge learning liaison for your school (administrator, teacher or technology integrator)?
  • Administrative team is flexible and interested in shifting the learning landscape within the school towards new media literacies and towards a project-based, student-directed model?

Is digital badge learning a possibility for your Jewish Day School?

Contact Tamritz.