KSDS Badge Learning Team

October 31, 2014

Workshop Documents

Instructional Design (resources)

User Persona Canvas (PDF)

Badge Learning Design Check-List (Google Doc)

Badge Learning Design Check-List (PDF)

Notes, 10-31-2014 (Google Doc)


Google Docs Resources

Overview of Comments & Discussions

Google Docs Editors Help Center

Google Docs and Drive — Lessons from Google

Creating a Survey – Google Forms


Digital Age Learning: Resources

Badges –  Printable and Web-friendly to recognize students beyond the screen (please only use for recognizing students for Digital Age Learning achievements)

Teacher Guide – Digital Age Learning (PDF)

Teacher Syllabus – Digital Age Learning (PDF)

Badge Progress Tracking Sheet (excel spreadsheet)


Badge Bits and Tips

Newsletters #ICYMI! (In Case You Missed It!)

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Issue 2:  October 23, 2014

Issue 1:  September 23, 2014