MiddleSchoolBadges_0055_Middle-UberDigital Age Learning

A Middle School student course that empowers TAMRITZ-trained teachers to co-lead their first badge-based experience that engages students in:

  • Developing habits of connected learners and digital citizens.
  • Discovering, playing and creating through new media tools and within a network of peers from other Jewish Day Schools.
  • Learning that is designed around current research in how youth interact with digital media and leading edge practices.




Level:  Connected Learner
How can I develop habits of a “connected learner” to support my learning now and into the future?






















Level:  Digital Citizenship
How can I develop habits and understandings of a digital citizen that supports my learning now and into the future?



















Grade Level: 6

Course Format: Students co-learn in a peer community, representing multiple Jewish Day Schools. Within a “walled garden,” students are engaged in self-directed learning and coached by their own teachers. Students learn through a variety of tools, and they are encouraged to tinker, play and explore. Students will share through journal reflections, learning artifacts and discussions.

Quest-Based: Discover! Play! Create! — Quests guide the students along their learning journey, providing the scaffolding for leveling up skill sets in digital media literacy. This scaffolding provides opportunities for students to receive frequent feedback from peers and teachers, to “fail forward” and to take ownership of learning.

Time Commitment: 12 Weeks, approximately two 45-minute class periods weekly or take a blended learning approach; pacing set by each school’s needs; course begins in September 2014.

Badges: Students who successfully demonstrate achievement will earn the badges featured above. In addition, students may earn “soft skill” community badges throughout the experience, as they begin to demonstrate habits of connected learners. Badges are issued within the learning community. TAMRITZ follows COPPA and FERPA guidelines and regulations. Schools will also have access to printable and web-ready badges to support student digital portfolios and parent communication.


Download the Printer-Friendly Digital Age Learning-Overview