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Badge Program Design: Signature Process


In the fall TAMRITZ visited four schools in the 2013-14 Badge Learning Network cohort to kick off their badge learning curriculum design processes, including Kehillah Schechter Academy, Krieger Schechter Day School, The Moriah School and Seattle Hebrew Academy.

TAMRITZ developed and implemented a unique training program that is process-based and flexible.  The training program supports schools in:

  • Building Team:  Identify values, skills and content; determine badge learning advisory team functions and process
  • Designing Badge Learning Programs:  Constellation, architecture, taxonomy, program guide, curriculum focus
  • Setting Goals:  Work plan, deadlines, monthly check-ins/webinars and ongoing coaching
  • Launching Badge Learning Programs

The Moriah School’s Badge Learning Advisory Team

Training Kicks Off Online First…

Uber-MainSchools enter the badge learning design program after an intensive professional development, badge-based course, “Digital Age Teaching.”  The Digital Age Teaching course levels up the badge learning advisory teams’ skill sets in modern learning literacies; pedagogoical practices; and tools that naturally support learning in the Grades 5-8 classroom.  Digital Age Teaching also provides an introduction to open badges, and a safe community of practice for educators to play, tinker and learn through new media.  Through this immersive experience, teachers begin to understand the multiple layers and components that a badge learning experience might include.  Read more

Badge-Based Professional Development: Purposes & Possibiliites

Digital Age Teaching Course

Uber-MainThis past summer TAMRITZ welcomed six schools to the Digital Age Teaching, badge-based online professional development course, including the Epstein SchoolKehillah Schechter Academy, Krieger Schechter Day School, Moriah School, Portland Jewish Academy and Seattle Hebrew Academy.  The course provided educators an opportunity to take on the role of learner within a supportive, connected learning community.  Teachers and administrators were encouraged to embrace the modern learning ethos for the course, which is based on principles of game-like learning, principles of connected learning and project-based learning.

Ethos of Course:

  • Hard fun Challenge yourself, solve problems and embrace interests.
  • Play: Learn through tinkering and welcome a messy process.
  • Flow:  Engage joyously and take satisfaction in creative accomplishments
  • Fail fast, fail forward:  Fail for fun and learn through multiple iterations.
  • Collective wisdom:  Stand on the shoulders of your colleagues.
  • Naches: Take pride and joy in helping others succeed.
  • Curiosity:  Create a “need to know” in learners.
  • Generosity: Share, participate, comment and engage.  Read more