TAMRITZ’s comprehensive professional development is ultimately about impact–how can we impact student learning? How can we engage our students? How can we prepare our students for tomorrow?  How can we transform how learning happens?


Uber-MainDigital Age Teaching

A badge-based, professional development online course for Grades 5-12 educators that:

  • Levels up teachers’ skill sets in digital media literacies.
  • Immerses educators in a community of practice, supporting experimentation and collaboration.
  • Models badge learning for future implementation at individual schools.
  • Engages teachers in game-like playing and learning.
  • 6 Weeks


Course Format

Learners are immersed in a community of practice where learning happens through a variety of tools that are appropriate for the Grades 5-12 classroom.  Participants may access the course materials anytime, anywhere, in the spirit of online learning.  The course takes place inside a “walled garden,” meaning only other course participants can interact with learners and access artifacts and discussions.  Educators are encouraged to explore, tinker and play at their own pace.

Grounded in principles of Connected Learning, current research and trending pedagogies, educators will be engaged in a peer community, sharing through journal reflections, learning artifacts and discussions.  While the experience is self-directed, TAMRITZ educators facilitate the learning, providing frequent feedback, pacing cues and support throughout the journey.

Webinars:  Optional webinars will be occur throughout the course to enhance the experience, extend the learning and build community.



Download Printer-Friendly Course Overview

Educators:  Grades 5-12 teachers; administrators; professional development leaders; technology integrators; curriculum specialists; enrichment leaders.  (First priority for seats in the class will be given to current TAMRITZ Jewish Day Schools.)

Time Commitment?  Each Learning Pathway requires approximately 6-9 hours of your time, or 2-3 hours per week. Of course, depending upon your learning style, you may want to browse and soak in more resources and skim others. Plan on pacing your learning by completing one learning pathway (a total of 3 Quests) every two weeks.

 *Digital Age Teaching:  6 Weeks

*Each Additional Learning Pathway:  2 Weeks each

Badges?  Badges are issued to learners throughout the Learning Pathways.  TAMRITZ badges support multiple purposes, including providing frequent feedback in the learning process; marking learning milestones and pacing in the journey; gamifying the learning experience; and signifying both soft skills and learning achievements.

Achievement Badges in this course are Mozilla Open Badge Compliant, which means they are sharable through a variety of social media interfaces and can be curated in a “digital backpack”. Upon demonstrating understandings for each Learning Pathway, a sharable badge will be issued to learners.  At the successful completion of the Digital Age Teaching course, a badge will be issued to learners, which is also sharable.

Additional TAMRITZ Offerings for Schools…

Face-to-Face Training

Tamritz staff coach participating schools in designing their own badge learning curriculum and program, based on the mission, goals and curricular programs unique to their schools.

Training topics may include: learning outcomes; badge learning constellation; badge quest structure and visual identification; learning pathways; formative assessment and student feedback; learning platform navigation and utilization; digital portfolios; game layer; badge learning faculty advisory team function; and badging curriculum launch and execution.

Ongoing Coaching & Workshops

  • Design badge learning program and curriculum
  • Frequent feedback on works in progress
  • Resources and documents that guide the development of the badge learning design and program
  • Training in software tools and resources via web conferencing and an expanding library of screencasts