Why should your school join the TAMRITZ Badge Learning Network?

TAMRITZ takes a comprehensive approach to implementing badge learning by focusing on educators, students and schools….


TAMRITZ’s ongoing professional development and community of practice helps educators:

  • “Badgify” your school’s current and new curricula into an engaging, learning experience for students.
  • Streamline the badge design and implementation process with a user-friendly interface for posting curriculum, uploading badge icons, offering students feedback and tracking learner progress.
  • Provide frequent, formative feedback to students.
  • Stay abreast of current trends in pedagogy and digital media literacies through a 10-week “Digital Age Teaching” e-course and ongoing workshops, conversations and webinars.
  • Collaborate with colleagues within own school and with schools across North America, anytime, anywhere.
  • Share badging curricula through the Badging Clearinghouse, a badge learning curriculum exchange including graphics, rubrics and learning pathways.



TAMRITZ’s badge learning platform fosters authentic, collaborative opportunities where students are intrinsically motivated by:

  • Collaborating with Jewish peers within own school and with other Jewish Day Schools through online TAMRITZ Learning Network.
  • Participating in a social, closed network or “walled garden.”
  • Receiving timely and frequent feedback on every step of the learning process.
  • Taking ownership of learning.
  • Demonstrating understanding and knowledge through transparent learning pathways, artifacts and conversations.
  • Enjoying choice in the learning journey through multiple pathways, designed by teachers from their own school.
  • Displaying achievements within learning community.
  • Developing digital media literacies through rich learning experiences within school and beyond school day.
  • Pursuing interests and passions as lifelong learners.



TAMRITZ’s holistic learning approach:

  • Places your school on the cutting edge of instructional design and practice.
  • Provides your students with a 21st Century education, preparing them for the future.
  • Levels up your faculty’s technology integration skills and digital media literacies.
  • Relies on your school’s mission, initiatives, culture, curriculum and needs.
  • Networks Jewish Day Schools, capitalizing on collective wisdom.
  • Applies current research around youth, digital media and learning.