Welcome to A Conversation About Badge-Empowered Learning
Hi! Looking forward to learning more re badging!
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Social-structed learning
Badges can communicate and link us together!
Badges replacing resumes?
Do you have a "digital backpack?" What's in it? #Mozilla #jedbadges #edJEWcon
@russelneiss: Hoping someone @ #edjewcon's badging session will ask about how to ensure that learning remains the focus instead of just badg
Badges tell a story...
Hard learning. Learning for mastery. Play, mess up, watch others, try again.
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Is there a way to integrate badges alongside traditional grading so we dont have to wait for a pradigm shift?
Does badge learning focus competition more with oneself or with others?
Great connection to see learning outside of school/classroom
@Seth I have the same question
I have to go pick up my daughter now (go badge learning!).
Isn't having the badges be the motivation ok? As long as the students are learning, the "game" of collecting badges is just a motivator.
@Jordan but what about once they leave school when they wont have this motivator? Creating lifelong learners?
@Penina - it seems to me that would happen almost "behind the scenes". They are developing learning skills along the way.
Can they ask a friend t give a badge? How is it moderated....the giving out of badges?
so do you make it mandatory to participate?
What if students doing loose PBL could create a set of goals for themselves for their project that would end up being a badge or multiple ba
I would envision badges more general, e.g. "interviewer badge-for someone who gathered info from an outside expert"
badges for skills vs. topics? ex. speech on US history: badge for public speaking or badge for proficiency in US history. Which one? Both?
Badges can break down learning targets and make success attainable for students