TAMRITZ Learning Network

TAMRITZ Badge Learning Network



  • Fosters social, collaborative learning with other Jewish Day School students and faculty within a connected learning platform.
  • Embodies learning today: project-based, student-driven, social, collaborative and inquiry-based.
  • Empowers teachers to redesign and “badify” their curricula and student classroom experience in ANY content area.
  • Reflects current research about how youth interact with digital media and learning.
  • Integrates principles of game-based learning as they relate to curriculum design, intrinsic motivation and how we best learn.
  • Weaves new media literacies into each student’s learning journey.
  • Encourages multiple learning pathways, differentiation and project-based learning.
  • Displays students’ badges as indicators of accomplishments, understandings and skills within the learning network.
  • Supports anytime, anywhere learning, within and beyond the classroom walls.
  • Features teachers as skilled facilitators, coaches and academic advisors, rather than keepers of knowledge.
  • Provides authentic, immediate and frequent feedback on student learning.