Twitter Handles in Education & Modern Learning Landscape
@willrich45 – Will Richardson, education reform leader, author, educator

@AudreyWatters – Writes Hack Education blog; education journalist

@ChrisLehmann – Chris Lehmann, Principal of Science Leadership Academy and founder of Educon

@NMHS_Principal – Eric Sheninger, Principal, New Milford High School, “Principal Twitter”

@karlfisch – creator of “Did You Know” video and education leader

@stevehargadon – founder of Classroom 2.0

@globalearner – Alan November, founder of Boston Learning Conference & modern learning guru

@snbeach – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, founder of Powerful Learning Practice

@garystager – Gary Stager, modern learning guru and strong voice in field

@jackiegerstein – Dr. Jackie Gerstein, education professor, modern learning leader and flipped learning advocate

@tomwhitby – Tom Whitby is the founder of #edchat

@rmbyrne – Richard Byrne blogs and tweets about tech tools for education and resources for the classroom

@timbuckteeth – Steve Wheeler, expert on Web 2.0 and author of The Digital Classroom

@lisafleisher – Education journalist for Wallstreet Journal

@hrheingold – Howard Rheingold, expert on communication, learning and innovation

@SirKenRobinson – Advocate for reform, especially innovation and creativity

@kathyschrock – Amazing library media specialist and modern learning guru


More People

Jewish Educators on Twitter
This list will just get you started…check out who these folks follow and you will be led to even more voices in the Jewish education landscape! (And a special shout out to these colleagues – they help me get smarter each and every day!)

@tamritzlearning – Sarah Blattner, Founder and Executive Director, TAMRITZ, Digital Badge Learning Network for Jewish education (and @techbabble88)

@21centuryteachr- Jody Passanisi, Jody and Shara-”We’re two middle school teachers who teach, collaborate, & blog for MiddleWeb’s Future of History. We are also big tech geeks.”

@fraidyaber – Fraidy Aber, Education at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, open-ended questions at the base of it all. Learner directed learning.

@LisaColton – Founder of Darim Online, organization dedicated to helping Jewish institutions harness the power of social media

@PejeJDS – Ken Gordon, social media expert, tweets under this handle at the Partnershp for Excellence in Jewish Education

@Jon_Mitzmacher – Dr. Jon Mitzmacher, Executive Director, Schechter Day School Network

@israelconnect – Amihai Bennett of the Jewish Agency’s Twinnings network from Israel

@TikvahWiener – Tikvah Wiener, Chief Academic Officer, Magen David High School, New York

@ReuW – Reuven Weber, ed tech leader at MOFET JTEC

@MisterD – Jewish educator from South Florida

@TechRav – Tzvi Pittinsky, Jewish educator, Rabbi and modern learning innovator

@RabbiRoss – Rabbi Aaron Ross, Assistant Principal, Yavneh Academy, New Jersey

@RabbiWex – Rabbi Meir Wexler, educator, co-founder of #Jedcamp, South Florida; co-founder of #Jedchat

@ShiraLeibowitz – Dr. Leibowitz leades the YU2.0 community of practice and she is the co-moderator of #educoach (Wednesday, 10pm ET), lower school principal

*For a more robust listing of Jewish Educators, check out the #Jedchat handles



Education & News
Here are a few to get you started. Feel free to do a search of your favorite organization or publication!

@conprin – Connected Principals

@DiscoveryEd – Discovery Education

@educationweek – Education Week

@GatesFoundation – Gates Foundation

@Edutopia – Edutopia

@eschoolnews – Eschool News

@EdWeekTeacher – Education Week Teacher

@DMLResearchHub – Digital Media and Learning Research Hub

@MindshiftKQED – Explores future of learning, innovation and tech trends

@edudemic – Features modern learning trends, tools and innovation

@Getting_Smart – Supports innovations in learning, education and technology

@Mozilla – Mozilla Foundation

@TheCLAlliance – supports the #connectedlearning movement

@FastCoCreate – Innovative feed from Fast Company

@hgse – Harvard Education

@CNNbrk – CNN Breaking News

@NBCNews – NBC News

@AP – Associated Press


Some Jewish Organizations

There are as many Twitter handles as there are Jewish organizations, as social media is really becoming a habit in the Jewish landscape. Here are a few organizations that will help you sample what is out there. Feel free to do a Google search or a Twitter search for your favorite organization and add their handle to your follows.

@tamritzlearning – Tamritz Badge Learning Network

@avichaifdn – Avi Chai Foundation

@ravsak – RAVSAK

@SchechterTweets – Schechter Day School Network

@pejeJDS – Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education

@eJPhil – EJewish Philanthropy

@jewishevents – Jewish Federations

@tabletmag – Tablet Magazine

@JewishJournal – Jewish Journal from LA, California

@IDFSpokesperson – Israel Defense Force real-time updates, official

@Mofet_Itec – MOFET ITEC, teacher professional development, research

@DarimOnline – Darim Online

@NYJewishWeek – New York Jewish Week


#Hashtags to Check Out

Jewish Education and Innovation:
These are the main #hashtags used in Jewish education, but new ones seem to pop up all the time!

#Jedchat (Every Wednesday evening, 9pm ET, real-time tweetchat!) – http://jedchat.wikispaces.com/


#EdJEWcon – unconference style conference where folks wrestle with 21st Century learning pedagogy, tools and mindsets


#Jsocent (Jewish social entrepreneurs)

#JDS (Jewish Day Schools)


#jedbadges (badging in Jewish education)


#jedcamp (Jewish Edcamp—unconference, conference)


General Education Hashtags

These are general hashtags. Feel free to do a Twitter search for a topic that is of interest to you, whether it is iPads in the classroom, flipped instruction or a content area. If you don’t find a #hashtag on a topic that interests you, start tweeting on that topic and create your own hashtag!  Here is a nice listing that is more expansive than the ones posted below (from the folks at http://www.teachthought.com/).




#openbadges (badge learning)

#edchat – a weekly tweetchat, Tuesdays, at 12pm NYC/ 5pm UK and 7pm NYC/ 12am UK



#cpchat – connected principals chat http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/tag/cpchat