December 2014


Workshop:  SpeedGeeking for the Interactive Classroom
December 8, 2014, 1-2:30PM
Krieger Schechter Day School, Baltimore, MD

Description:  Hands-on workshop where teachers had an opportunity to take a few digital learning tools on a test drive (Padlet, QR Codes and VoiceThread) and reflect on the relevance for classroom learning.  We started the day with an overview of the SAMR Model, New Bloom’s and set some modern learning expections:  play, fail forward, DIY and naches.


November 2014


Seattle Jewish Day School Conference

November 4, 2014, Seattle, WA

Workshop Session:  Twitter is My #PLN

Have you ever wondered what the Twitter fuss is all about?  Twitter boasts 271 million active users, 500 million daily tweets and 35+ languages.  So what does this have to do with your professional learning network and Jewish education? Think of twitter as a trail of breadcrumbs, leading you to a treasure trove of resources and colleagues, all in about 140 characters.  In this session we will tinker with Twitter features and uses, explore the education Twitterverse and extend our #PLNs.  Get your tweet on by signing up for a Twitter account ahead of this hands-on session at twitter.com.


July 2014

Eli Talks Logo-200x216

Eli Talks on Air, July 17, 2014 With Dr. Samuel Abramovich, SUNY Buffalo

Digital Badges:  Level Up Professional Development in Jewish Education (42:35)





JET – Jewish Education and Technology Institute

July 14-18, 2014, San Francisco

TAMRITZ is honored to lead and co-lead workshops July 14-15, 2014 on blogging, Connected Learning, Social Media and Goal Setting.  Learn more about JET here.  Explore JET14’s blog and resources.

TAMRITZ-Led and Created JET Sessions:

Hyperwrite! Share. Reflect. Connect.

Connected Learning: Relevant. Engaging. Accessible.

Twitter Challenge:  Take 5! (With Jody Passanisi)

Broadcasting Your Personal Brand Via Social Media

Speedgeeking (With Noah Cohen)

Dreaming, Daring and Planning


June 2014

iste2014badgeDigital Badge Learning for Professional Development (Birds of a Feather Conversation)

When:  Sunday, 6/29/14:  5:30-6:45pm EDT

Location:  GWCC B308

Description:  Digital badges are micro-credentials and visual indicators of achievement, knowledge and skills. How can badge learning amplify teacher professional development opportunities?

Session Materials:

Backchannel:  Transcript from TodaysMeet (download RTF)

Resources on Badges for PD — Co-Created Google Doc: http://tinyurl.com/BadgeMyPD


May 2014

Open Webinar
Digital Badge Learning:  An Exploration of Possibilities
May 29, 2014



April 2014

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Webinar:  “Leading and Learning by Example in the Blended Learning School with the DigitalJLearning Network, April 8, 2014.

Resources:   Access links and resources from this webinar here.

“Leading and Learning by Example in the Blended Learning Classroom”

March 2014

NCCE:  Northwest Council for Computer Education

Conference 2014:  March 12-14, 2014

Seattle, WA

PowerUp with Digital Badge Learning

Session Description: Grounded in current research on connected learning and game design, explore how digital badge learning engages students in passion-based and project-based learning. Participants will collaborate on designing a single badge learning experience for students.

Session Resources:  Access session details, resources and slides here.


January 2014

RAVSAK/PARDES Jewish Day School Leadership Conference 2014

Moving the Needle 2014:  Galvanizing Change in Our Day Schools

Los Angeles, CA



Reboot Assessment:  Engaging Students Inside and Outside the Classroom

Monday, January 20, 2014, 2:15-3:00 PM and 3:!5-4:00 PM PDT

Session Description:  What alternative approach to assessment can both tell the story of the learner and provide frequent and meaningful feedback for students? Explore digital badge learning as one innovative approach to learning that provides frequent feedback, scaffolds the learning experience and supports multiple learning pathways.

Session Materials:

*Reboot Assessment-Flipped:  Materials to read, explore and consider ahead of this session

*Padlet for today’s sharing

Badge Design Canvas:  A newly designed graphic organizer that focuses on the students’ learning strengths, passions and how to tie those to learning outcomes and driving questions that ultimately engaged students in a “need to know” quest.

Prezi Slides:


Connected Learning: Making Education Relevant and Accessible

Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 9:15-10:30 AM PDT

Session Description: Learning today happens anywhere and anytime. Jewish Day Schools must keep pace with our increasingly connected, global landscape in order to prepare our students for the future. Explore essential elements of Connected learning, an education framework and approach to learning that is interest-driven, socially connected and grounded in academics.  School administrators, professional development leaders and technology directors will consider how new media can be leveraged to support our students and faculty in relevant and accessible learning.

Connected Leader Resources – A collection of articles, video clips and resources that will inform you about the Connected Learning framework and help you become a connected leader

Prezi Slides: