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EdJewcon 5773.1 – Badge-Empowered Learning Resources

Session:  Badge-Empowered Learning

Monday, April 29, 2013



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Video Clip:  DigitalMe students from UK talk about open badges (3:39)


About Badge Learning

Resources and links curated by TAMRITZRead more

EdJewcon 5773.1 – Day 1 Reflections


Shalom, y’all from EdJewcon 5773.1, Jacksonville, FL, at the Martin J. Gottlieb Academy.  It is such a treat to be here with colleagues from across the USA, Canada and even from Israel. And I must say that it is a delight to meet my #jedchat friends, finally, face-to-face! This modern learning conference is “based on 21st century professional development where attendees can experience a Jewish day school in transition to becoming a dynamic 21st century learning environment.”

We kicked off our day with a keynote from Andrea Hernandez, inviting us to learn, reflect and share.  It is clear that this is no ordinary conference for educators.  We are here to step outside our comfort zones, take risks, open our minds, share, share and share some more.  Read more

Badging is “Sticky” Learning

postitThink back through your own experiences as a learner, whether it was learning as a child, a youth or an adult.  Browse through both formal learning in school settings and informal learning experiences.  Think about elementary school, middle school, high school, college, summer camp, youth groups, learning you did on your own and learning with your friends and families.

What are your top two or three “velcro” learning experiences?  You know, the ones that really stuck to you?  The ones that made an impact on you?  The good ones–not the negative ones.  Read more