TLN-MainTAMRITZ (meaning “incentive” in Hebrew) strives to transform how learning happens in Jewish education and the wider education landscape by leveraging new media literacies.

Through a national digital badge learning network, TAMRITZ educators and students develop habits of connected learners and level up their skill sets in digital media and learning.

Digital badge learning is an innovative approach to instructional design and student-driven learning that relies on a vibrant feedback loop, clear learning targets and multiple pathways.


TAMRITZ’s badge learning model relies on competency-based learning; teacher as coach; student agency over learning; and social, connected learning habits.

TAMRITZ issues “Open Badges,” digital badges that are more than just graphic icons. Coined by the Mozilla Foundation, open badges communicate what a learner knows and can do through metadata embedded within each badge. Essentially, badges tell the story of a learner’s journey.

Open Badges are shareable through a variety of social media interfaces, serving as transparent, micro-credentials of a learner’s understandings, skills and accomplishments.