Who is implementing badge learning?

In addition to the Mozilla Foundation and the MacArthur Foundations establishing a global badge learning ecosystem, higher education, museums, corporations and K-12 schools are embracing this innovative approach to learning. For instance, well-known organizations like Purdue University, Carnegie Mellon, the University of California, Smithsonian, Intel and Disney-Pixar, the Douglas County School District (Colorado), New York City Department of Education and the Chicago Botanic Garden are developing digital badge learning credentials. “Badges are gaining currency at the same time that a growing number of elite universities have begun offering free or low-cost, noncredit courses to anyone with access to the Internet and a desire to learn” (“Show Me Your Badge,” The New York Times, November 2, 2011). These MOOCs, or massive open online courses, may issue badges through Edx from institutions like MIT, Harvard University, Berkeley, Georgetown University and more.


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